For the hell of it, I signed up on “our Times” meeting site-got a notice that said “great match”-texted and called each other-mirable dictu, it turned out to be a man I went to college with and we spent hours on the phone chatting, remembering and catching up-what a great guy! So many things in common it bordered on weird, from both being Psychologists, same age, same friends, acquaintences, same interests, even same idiosyncratic habits-we met for dinner the next night-I had given him the wrong name of the right address for restaurant and was in a Goodwill store waiting for him. I had texted the right name but he hadn’t checked the text yet-who pops in Goodwill, but the guy!! I was so thrilled to see him-almost 50 years and hugs later we had a wonderful time-a click , a match-we’re both 70 years old, divorced twice with stepkids who are like our own-he’s vital, energetic,bright and accomplished..and had me laughing my head off-can’t wait to talk with him again-meeting this weekend. So, younger people, if it can happen to us, it can happen for you: all you have to do is take some action-you’ve nothing to lose and only to gain-it was an impulse to go on the “Our Times “site and WOW!! I was a bit anxious, but said screw it…

My old/new friend told me that my college roommate had died 3 years ago- we were the best of roomies-She married right after graduation and quickly had two babies. I was in Graduate School up to my eyeballs, so we drifted away from each other. But I always treasured Judy Travis and was heartbroken to learn of her death. Being jewish, I lit a Yortzite candle and said Kaddish (a prayer for the dead that actually celebrates life) for my roomie. My Dr.X is still in touch with her ex-husband and will give me his number- I knew him well when they met,dated and was a bridesmaid at her wedding (of course in the usual hideous bridesmaid gown).

So in a few short hours I re-connected with a wonderful man and learned of my friend’s death-lost and found.

Strange universe we inhabit!